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Product no.: pmsdr_antiso
This is a broadband galvanic antenna isolator. A high quality transfomer permit the use from LW up to the UHF frequencies.
A ground loop in your receiver caused by antenna connection is very common if you have your computer connected to the same system. This type of ground loop problem can be solved by using suitable isolation between your receiver and the antenna cable.
The pcb accept also other transformers with different ratio follow packages (case style): SM22, KK81, W38, X65. There exist also the possibility to mount SMA, SMB or MMCX connectors.

Electrical Specifications:
In/out impedance : 50 Ohm (1:1 ratio)
Insertion loss: max. 1dB (2-50 MHz) / 3 dB(0,15-400MHz)
Maximum RF Power : 0,25W

The kit include:

- PCB board 46x15mm , dual layer
- 2 pcs. BNC - Female connectors UG 1094
- BNC - Male-Male adapter UG 491U
- MINICIRCUITS broadband transformer T1-1
- heat shrinkable tube
22.50 € *
Product no.: pmsdr_usbkabel
4.50 € *


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11 - 12 of 12 results