KX2 SSB/CW/DATA 80-10m Fertiggerät

KX2 SSB/CW/DATA 80-10m Fertiggerät

KX2 SSB/CW/DATA 80-10m Fertiggerät

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KX2 SSB/W/DATA 80-10m Transceiver

Product no.: KX2

998.00 € *
innerhalb 7-14 Tagen lieferbar

internal wide range ATU

Product no.: KXAT2

234.00 € *
innerhalb 14 Tagen lieferbar

Lithium-Ionen Battery Pack (11V, 2,6Ah) for KX2

Product no.: KXBT2

79.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 6

external Lithium-Ion fast Charger for KBT2

Product no.: KXBC2

35.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 3

attached precision keyer paddle

Product no.: KXPD2

149.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 1

MH3 Hand Microphone for the KX3 with Up/Dn Buttons

Product no.: MH3

75.00 € *
innerhalb 7-14 Tagen lieferbar

KXIO2 RTC & Aux. Outputs

Product no.: KXIO2

89.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 6

KX2GNDPLUG Quick Release Ground Plug

Product no.: KX2GNDPLUG

10.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 2

KX2ACBL Accessory Cable for AMP Keying

Product no.: KX2ACBL

13.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 2

KX3 to KXPA100 Integrated Adapter Cable

Product no.: KXPACBL

61.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 1

SL SignalLink KX3 Cable

Product no.: VSLKX3KabelVV

20.00 € *
innerhalb 7 Tagen lieferbar

CS40 Compact Padded Carrying Case

Product no.: CS40 gepolsterte Tragetasche

41.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 1

CS60 gepolsterte Tragetasche

Product no.: CS60 gepolsterte Tragetasche

55.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 1

BNC Male-Female Right Angle Adapter

Product no.: UG-306U

2.50 € *
Shipment from Stock: 12

BNC to Banana plug adapter

Product no.: BNC-Banane

5.40 € *
Shipment from Stock: 7
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