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Promotional products / new items

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New QCD-70

Product no.: QCD-70

12.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 4


Product no.: vWRFM

65.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 8

New SOTA Schurr Wabbler designed by Stefan Bergsiek

Product no.: SotaWabbler

SOTA Schurr Wabbler by Stefan Bergsiek

small portable key from Schurr / Bergsiek

gold plated

about 170g

No springs are installed. The paddle reset is made by magnets

The paddles are mounted without play with hardened cylinder pins in brass sliding bearings. Due to this connection, the bearings are absolutely maintenance-free! The advantage of this paddle bearing is that, unlike a ball bearing, no hardening over the years can occur and thus the storage can fail or become difficult. Any adjustment of this paddle bearing is not necessary.

Hard silver contacts as well as fine threads are normal standard.

The key is delivered with a 1.5 m long high-quality cable and 3.5 mm jack plug-in connector.

The key is made of full brass

Can also be installed as a replacement mechanism in an old ETM


preorders are now accepted

145.00 € *
innerhalb 21-28 Tagen lieferbar


Product no.: vSM15

220.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 6

vSM15 BM60m

Product no.: vSM15 BM60m

15.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 3


Product no.: vSM15_SMD_Vorbestückung

45.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 999,994

KX2 SSB/W/DATA 80-10m Transceiver

Product no.: KX2

Our KX2 “stealth” transceiver can go wherever your imagination takes you. Thanks to state-of-the-art construction techniques, it’s only 5.8 x 2.8 x 1.5” and weighs just 13 ounces—making it the smallest full-featured HF radio on the plan

• 5.8” x 2.8” x 1.5”

• Ultralight grab-and-go station

• 80-10 meters (9 bands)

• SSB / CW / Data

• Up to 10 W TX

• Li-ion battery (optional)

• Amp-hour meter

• Built-in mic and  0.5-W speaker

• Wide-range Internal ATU (optional)

• Perfect for SOTA and field ops

998.00 € *
innerhalb 7-14 Tagen lieferbar

TinyGate The new 3-in-1 transceiver interface for digital modes

Product no.: TinyGate


The new 3-in-1 transceiver interface for digital modes:

a low cost USB interface as kit that provide a integrated soundcard and two independent serial interfaces for CI-V/CAT and a PTT/CW control.

The TinyGate are widely compatible with many digital mode software and supported by many operating systems 

93.00 € *
Shipment from Stock: 8
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