K3S Kit

K3S Kit



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Product no.: KAT3A
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Product no.: K144XV
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Product no.: K3EXREF
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Product no.: SP3

SP3 Matching External Speaker

High Performance Matching Speaker for the K3S & K3 designed by audio expert Dr. Bruce Edgar (link to article on Bruce). Two rear inputs with front panel switch for selecting between different radio sources and a rear output jack for a adding a second speaker (stereo)


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Product no.: K3SHandbuch
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Product no.: KPA3A
K3 100 W PA for an allready existent K3. Allready assembled, solderfree mounting.
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Product no.: KSYN3AUPG

ATTENTION: Due to the high number of orders, our stock is empty. New KSYN3A will be available again early in April 2015

KSYN3A Synthesizer Upgrade Kit for K3, KRX3 (Note: Synthesizers used for the K3 and the KRX3 must both be the same model. K3's with the KRX3 will need to upgrade both (2 total) synthesizers to the KSYN3A.)

The KSYN3A is included on all new K3s shipped starting 1/23/2015, s/n 8801 and later.

The KSYN3A synthesizer module is a completely new design that improves on the original KSYN3 in several ways:

ULTRA-LOW PHASE NOISE The KSYN3A significantly improves the K3's already excellent RX and TX phase noise at close carrier spacings. This in turn noticeably improves the K3's top performing close spaced Rx dynamic range, yielding even better weak signal detection in the presence of strong signals.


EXCELLENT MECHANICAL STABILITY The KSYN3A is virtually immune to both physical vibration and magnetic coupling, and operates over a very wide temperature range.

600-METER COVERAGE The KSYN3A extends VFO tuning down to 100 kHz, with sensitivity gradually falling off below 450 kHz. Transmit output is as high as 1.0 mW for use with a suitable external amplifier. (Note: 600-m and below operation also requires the KBPF3 and KXV3 options.)

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Product no.: VSUBD15
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Product no.: P3SVGA
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Product no.: P3TXMON

TX  Monitor Power and Waveform Display Adapter for the P3   


at least you need one directional coupler, which have to choosen seperately.

- coupler for 0.1-200 W 1-54 MHz (DCHF-200)

coupler for 1-2000W 1-54 MHz (DCHF-2000)

coupler for 1-200W 144-450 MHz (DCV/U-200)

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Product no.: P3Handbuch
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Product no.: proset-K2
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Product no.: SLK3KabelVV
SignalLink cable to connect an Elecraft K3
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Product no.: MC43mikro
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Product no.: Vbalun100
Balun 1:4 100Watt, ReadyBuilt. Connected to asymetric ATU by PL/PL adapter (included)
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Product no.: K3S_EINBAU_Service
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Product no.: KHAT
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Product no.: AbgleichK3
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