About us

Who we are:

QRPproject is a small family company. QRPproject was founded 2001 by Peter, DL2FI. We are located at the south east border of Berlin in Berlin Alt-Glienicke. We do not have a show room, only an office and a messy working room, be if you are interest to meet us, you are welcome. Please phone in, before you come.

The Team:


Hilli Zenker, book keeping

Simone Zenker, packing all the nice kits

Nikolai (Nik) Zenker, DL7NIK, doing all the daily business

Peter Zenker (QRPeter), DL2FI,  giving support and responsible for the manuals.

DL7NIK, ex DO7FI, Nikolai

Nik by profession is a salesman (lucky father DL2FI, who hates all office work). He made hice license in 2004 and he did it including the CW examination. He is a keen kit builder, he has built the Hehentwiel 2m transceiver, SPEAKY and some dozen of all kind of Elecraft kits..

DL2FI has been Service&Support Engineer  and "Manager Customer Support" for Perkin Elmer Conecticut before he founded QRPproject  He made his lis in 1964. He never was very engaged in operating, but he loves building his own HAM Radio equipment. He never counted the number of rigs he has built in his live, but that are many :-) DL2FI is founder of the German QRP Club DL-QRP-AG and proud member of QRP Hall of Fame.

QRPproject is authorized  ELECRAFT distributor.


Classic view