Responsible for Datahandling of, and is the Company QRPproject Hildgard Zenker.

All your Datas will be used only to handle your oder. All Datas will be stored and handled following the rules of German Bundesdatenschutzgesetze (BDSG LAW) and German Teledienstdatenschutzgesetzes (TDDSG law). At any time you have the right to get Information, Correction, and Cancellation of your stored Datas free of Charge. Please contact or send your wishes by Email, telefax or surface Mail. We never will give your personal Datas incl. your House Adress and Email Adress to any third person without your personal allowness. Except from this are our Shipment Partners who get your House Adress to make Shipment possible and The PayPal Bank to allow Payment. In this cases the transferred Datas contain the absolute Minimum needed for the Functionality.

To transfer your Datas over Internet we use 128 Bit Encryption.

Session Cookies: Our Online Shop uses Session-Cookies to store session ID numbers on your PC which are used to temporary store your shopping basket. This Cookies will be deleted when you leave our Internet Shop or shut down your browser.

Permanent Cookies: If you activate the Automatic Login we store a permant Cookie at your PC. This permanent cookies will automaticall be deleted after 30 Days. You can configure your browser how to handle this permanent cookies, to delete them or to bann them.

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