Go Portable Antennen Kit

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GoPAK (Go Portable Antennen Kit) by Spiderbeam

This ready-to-go Kit contains everything you need to
get active within minutes on 40-(30)-20-17-15-12-10-6m

It is a fullsize REAL ANTENNA that puts out a BIG SIGNAL compared to most other "compromise" portable antennas.
This special Kit contains the following parts:


  • Aerial-51 model 404-UL ultralightweight, asymmetrical dipole (see details below)
  • Spiderbeam 12m fiberglass pole (see details here)
  • Clamp Set for 12m fiberglass pole (details here)
  • Guy Belt for 12m fiberglass pole (details here)
  • 50m roll of 2mm Kevlar guy line (details here)
  • 50m roll of white string on plastic hasp for securing the dipole ends to the ground pegs.
  • Set of 2 straps for 12m pole (details here)
  • Set of 6 lightweight 12" plastic pegs (details here)
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