ALT-512 SDR Transceiver

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Product no.: ALT-512

Aerial-51 ALT-512 SDR Transceiver

All-Mode QRP HF Transceiver + 6m +4m
(160m - 4m / 12 Ham Bänder)

To be best in crowded contest or DX sitution, AL-512 uses preselectors for the HAM Bands. TX Power adustable up to 10W max

Produced EUROPA 


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Product no.: T1-A
Elecraft Automatic Tuner, max 20W, ready built. Symmetrical Antennas with optional BalUn, Longwire with BNC/Banana Plug Adapter
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Product no.: Vplugbal14fert
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Product no.: Model 404-UL
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Product no.: GoPak Spiderbeam
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Product no.: Model 807-L
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Product no.: Model 807-HD
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