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QRP Antenna Tuners and Baluns

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Automatictuner Elecraft T1 ready built

Product no.: T1-A
Elecraft Automatic Tuner, max 20W, ready built. Symmetrical Antennas with optional BalUn, Longwire with BNC/Banana Plug Adapter
339.00 *
innerhalb 14-28 Tagen lieferbar

Adapter Cable T1 <> YAESU FT817

Product no.: T1-FT817C
Adapter cable with built in microprocessor to connect an Elecraft T1 automatic ATU to FT817. Ready built.
118.00 *
innerhalb 14 Tagen lieferbar

BNC to Banana plug adapter

Product no.: BNC-Banane
5.40 *
Shipment from Stock: 11

ZM-4 ATU 160-10m Kit

Product no.: ZM4

Universal manual Antenna Tuner for all kinds of symetrically and unsymetrically Antennas, Kit. Maximum power 15 Watt, built in Tuning Indicator and TX Protection

98.00 *
Shipment from Stock: 3

frontpanel set (front- and backside) for ZM4 ATU kit

Product no.: ZM4front

engraved and drilled front panel set (front and back) for ZM-4 ATU 160-10m from QRPproject

material: AL - 1 mm

surface: matt black anodized

from BaMaTech Feinmechanik

The ZM4 kit is not included !

18.50 *
Shipment from Stock: 1

Balun1:4 Version 100 WATT

Product no.: Vbalun100
Balun 1:4 100Watt, ReadyBuilt. Connected to asymetric ATU by PL/PL adapter (included)
47.00 *


Product no.: Vplugbal14fert
31.00 *
Shipment from Stock: 2

MST 3 rot

Product no.: MST 3 rot
0.60 *
Shipment from Stock: 4


Product no.: DL2AVH_BalunSMA
17.00 *
Shipment from Stock: 10


Product no.: DL2AVH_BalunBNC
17.00 *
Shipment from Stock: 10

Multiband FUCHS ATU

Product no.: Fuchs
Portable ATU for Lambda/2 Wire Antennas. Max. Power 15 Watt, Kit
60.00 *
Shipment from Stock: 2

BL2 Kit

Product no.: BL2
BL2 Wideband 1:1 & 4:1 (Switchable) 250W Balun
Bandwidth: Input VSWR less than 1.2 when connected to a 200 resistive load, 500 kHz to 55MHz
66.00 *
Shipment from Stock: 2

DL-1 Elecraft 25W Dummy Load Kit

Product no.: DL1
Elecraft 25W Dummy Load 50 Ohm
45.00 *
innerhalb 14 Tagen lieferbar

Dual Directional Coupler Kit

Product no.: CP1
Dual Directional Coupler
106.00 *
innerhalb 14 Tagen lieferbar

BNC to BNC connector

Product no.: bncst-bncst
2.60 *
Shipment from Stock: 15

PL-PL connector

Product no.: plst-plst
PL-PL connector, PTFE isolation, gold plated contact
2.20 *
Shipment from Stock: 17

MST 3 sw

Product no.: MST 3 sw
0.60 *
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