Blue Cool Radio BCR

Blue Cool Radio BCR
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Product no.: VBCR_Grundbausatz
BCR HF Band CW Transceiver, kit. Complete with all parts .HAM Bands 40m to 17m. Variable Xtalfilter 500Hz - > 3kHz. 80m Option available.

You need an Enclosure-kit which includes the enclosure , pots, jacks and shaftencoder. There ar two different types of enclosure available.

270.00 *
Product no.: BCRSMDBestückung
Special QRPproject Service: Pre-assembling of all SMT parts on the main PCB. DDS Modul complete assembled and testet
25.00 *

Shipment from Stock: 999,999

Product no.: VBCR80
80m Module addon for the BCR.
29.00 *
Product no.: BCR80SMDBestückung
Preassembling of all SMT parts bo the 80m modul by QRPproject
10.00 *

Shipment from Stock: 999,999

Product no.: VBCR_GehSetI
light weight Alumina Enclosure, all holes ready made. Includes mechanical Shaft Encoder for onboard mounting. (cannot be replaced by optical shaft encoder due to restricted place.
55.00 *
Product no.: VBCR_GehSetII
55.00 *
Product no.: BCR_II_FP
29.00 *
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