Miss Mosquita

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Product no.: VMosquBasic

Mosquita III 40m Monband CW Transceiver Kit Basic. PCB plus all parts for the PCB, no enclosure, no peripheral parts.

manual: Mosquita manual


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Product no.: HerfordZaehlerMini
35.00 *


Product no.: VUniRit
15.00 *

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Product no.: Alu-Kleingehaeuse

Enclosure 105mm x 38mm x 105 mm Al ideal for Miss Mosquita and MA12

sample picture: will delivered without any knobs or jacks!

25.00 *

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Product no.: VMosquPeroG
all mechanical parts for Mosquita like 10-turn Pot for Main Tuning, all jacks, Knobs.
22.00 *


Product no.: VMosquPerFlach
Enclosure for mosquita incl. all mechanical parts like 10-turn Pot for Main Tuning, all jacks, Knobs. 105mm x 38mm x 105mm
39.00 *


Product no.: ZM4

Universal manual Antenna Tuner for all kinds of symetrically and unsymetrically Antennas, Kit. Maximum power 15 Watt, built in Tuning Indicator and TX Protection

98.00 *

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Product no.: Fuchs
Portable ATU for Lambda/2 Wire Antennas. Max. Power 15 Watt, Kit
60.00 *

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Product no.: Vpk4

PK4 Keyer kit

Jackson Habor Press
PK-4 Keyer Elektronik

  • Speed adjustment via  Potentimeter or Paddle, 25 bis 250BPM
  • Permanente storage in call or text memory (EEprom)
  • All parameters permanent in EEProm
  • 2 memories of 80 Zeichen, chain of te memories plus 80 signs call memory
  • IAMBIC (Curtis) Mode A / Mode B 
  • IAMBIC or Ultimatic Mode 
  • Dot / dash memoy can be deactivated
  • Beacon mode. programmable pause 1-60 seconds. during pause key down or key up possible
  • CQ call 
  • Autospace .
  • weighting
  • Paddle Reverse 
  • training mode 
29.00 *

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Product no.: SM15Alu-Kleingehaeuse46mm
25.00 *


Product no.: ZM4front

engraved and drilled front panel set (front and back) for ZM-4 ATU 160-10m from QRPproject

material: AL - 1 mm

surface: matt black anodized

from BaMaTech Feinmechanik

The ZM4 kit is not included !

18.50 *

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