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Product no.: KHAT
31.00 €
20.00 *
Product no.: K3/0-Mini

K3 Remote Control Unit, can only be used to control a complete KX3 remotely.

you need the RRIGSETII and the special cable set to use the K3/0-Mini to remote your K3!

950.00 *
Product no.: RRK0CBL
Remote Rig Cable Control K3/0
75.00 *
Product no.: RRMTCBL
Remote Rig Cable Control K3 XVCR
75.00 *
Product no.: RRIGSET
RemoteRig 1258MKII SET
Dual rx capable remote control set with 12V pwr supply for the local end
625.00 *
Product no.: RRIGCON
375.00 *
Product no.: RRK3CBL
Remote Rig Cable Control K3/K3 for use with a regular K3 as control unit
75.00 *
Product no.: RRMINICBL
75.00 *
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