Power Supply and Akkumulator

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Product no.: Schaltnetzteil 23A
Switched Powersupplyl 23A, 25A Peak special design for Radio applications. Extrem low noiselevel ar RF Frequencies.Best for Elecraft K2/100, K3 and other Transceivers.
Input: bis 240 V~ 50 Hz
Out: 13,3 - 14,5 V DC (can be adjusted)
Cooled by big Aluminiumbloc Internal Low Noise Fan, only activ in high duty situations.

Enclosure: Steel black
181x63x190 1,7 Kg
CE, EN 60960, EN 55022.
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Product no.: SS30DV
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Product no.: Vpowerpack
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Product no.: KXBT2

The KXBT2 battery pack weighs about 4.8 oz, and can provide up to 8 hours of typical transceiver operation and up to 10 W power output.  You can plug in an internal battery and an external supply at the same time, and the radio will operate from whichever is higher in voltage.

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Product no.: KXBC2

This charger is designed specifically for use with our KXBT2 Li-ion battery pack. It can safely charge the KXBT2 in 1 to 3 hours. Note: To charge the battery, you must first remove it as described in the KX2 owner’s manual. It cannot be charged while inside the radio. The power jack on the left side panel is isolated from the internal power jack, and cannot supply power to the battery.

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