AX1 Dual Band Whip Antenna 20m/17m

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• High-Q loading coil resonant on 20
and 17 meters—two great bands for
QRP SSB/CW/data operation
• Band selected via slide switch
• Works with your rig’s ATU to
eliminate whip or radial length
• 15 meter coverage with ATU
• Disassembles into two pieces
to fit into small “grab & go” bags,
such as the Elecraft ES series
• Includes 13’ (3.3 m) radial wire
(required for transmit use)
You’ve just crested the hill...the
view is amazing. Time to stop,
take a drink, and check out the
bands. Your radio deploys quickly,
but what about your antenna?
This is where our AX1 whip really
shines: getting you on the air in
seconds, from anywhere. Use it
HT-style with a hand-held rig; on a
picnic table with an AXB1 whip
bipod; or with a camera tripod and
an AXT1 tripod adapter. (AX-Line
accessories shown at right.)
Using the AX1 with an ATU
eliminates tedious length
adjustments. Just select a band,
tap the antenna tune switch, and
go for it. A wide-range ATU can
also extend coverage to other
bands, including 15 meters.
Whether you use the AX1 as a
‘stealth’ field antenna, for
pedestrian mobile, or as a versatile
backup, it’ll be ready when you are.

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