AXE1 40m extender for AX1 Antenna

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Introducing Elecraft's

AXE1 40 Meter Extender


We're excited to introduce the AXE1 Extender that allows an Elecraft AX1 whip to be used on 40 and 30 meters. It adds 6 inches (15 cm) of overall length.  The AX1 with an AXE1 can be attached directly to a hand-held transceiver or  supported by an Elecraft  AXB1 whip bipod for table-top use.                          


Important Information


An antenna tuner is required to use the AXE1. The AX1+AXE1 is very narrow banded on 40 meters, as is typical of all short or electrically small low-band antennas. (All Elecraft transceivers have optional internal antenna tuners compatible with the AX1+AXE1.)


elecraft will begin shipping the AXE1 during the first week of September.

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