QRP-PA 2008 Kit

QRP-PA 2008 Kit

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The new PA needs 10mW drive to produce a clean and linear amplified signal of 10 Watts RF Speciefier Frequency rage: 1-30 MHz.

The VMOS we use could give us more the 15 Watt, but we desided to stay with the traditional 10 Watt border for SSB QRP which also gives a more clean output by avoiding any overdriving.

The PA is a Push Pull design. We use the modern Mistubishi

RD06HHF as driver
and a pair of RD16HHF as push pull PA.

Quiescent current is adjusted for any of the 3 single transistors which results in absolute stable working conditions.

The PCB is as small as 55mm x 40mm, so it´s a good chance to fit into any homebrew project like standard transceivers or SDR.

It is mounted on two metall standoffs, the 3 Transistors will be screwed to the backplane of the enclosure.
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