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XG3 RF Signal Source (assembled) 
1.5-200 MHz with calibrated output levels: -107, -73, -33 and 0 dBm. Rich in harmonics to 1400 MHz. Frequencies programmed into memories above 200 MHz fundamental will automatically calculate the fundamental needed to generate the desired harmonic. 12 frequency memories, computer controllable.Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.5 x 0.8" Includes serial cable. 

Frequency Range: 1.5 MHz – 200 MHz – Harmonics usable to 1400 MHz. 1 Hz tuning
Frequency Stability: ±50 ppm, maximum.
Signal Characteristics: Highly stable RF square wave; phase noise -105 dBc/Hz
Reverse Power: Shunt diodes and a fusible pc trace link provide limited protection. See
Reverse Power, pg 11.
Preset Frequencies: 12 frequencies preset at the factory - one in each Amateur band from 160
through 2 meters. Frequencies may be changed using a personal
computer (pg 8).
Sweep Mode: Two frequency ranges preset. The sweep speed and the frequency
increment for each step may be programmed using a personal computer
(pg 8).
Computer Interface: RS-232; Allows changing the preset frequencies and operating the XG3
from a personal computer using the XG3 Utility program available free
from Elecraft. Note: For information on writing your own XG3 control
programs, see XG3 Remote Control Commands on pg 15.
Selectable Output Levels: Four levels, calibrated from 1.5 through 200 MHz:
0 dBm (± 3 dB), -33 dBm, -73 dBm, - 107 dBm (± 1 dB typ).
Output Impedance: 50 ohms.
Power: Internal 9-volt battery or external 11-14 VDC supply
Power Consumption: External supply, 60 mA maximum at 0 dBm output. Less at lower output
Internal battery drain, up to 50 mA at 0dBm output, 25 mA typical at
lower output levels.
Programmable automatic power shutoff.

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