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Product no.: PR6-10
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Product no.: KIO3BUPKT

KIO3B Upgrade Kit for K3

Three Board Set. Includes new KIO3B Main, Analog and Digital boards. Adds USB Sound and Comm port capability. Also includes the standard KIO3 Analog and digital I/O. 
Includes: KIO3B 3 board set, RJ45-RS232 cable, USB cable, h/w and manual.
For more details, please see: KIO3B FAQ
If you have an earlier P3 that does not have the CBLP3Y P3 to RJ45 connector cable, we recommend you order it below to allow full USB computer comm port operation with the K3, KIO3B and P3.




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Product no.: K3S_EINBAU_Service
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Product no.: K-PODAUX
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Product no.: KHAT
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Product no.: AbgleichK3
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31 - 36 of 36 results