ATU and Balun Kits

ATU  and  Balun Kits
QRP Antenna Tuners and Baluns

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BNC to Banana plug adapter

Product no.: BNC-Banane
5.40 *
Shipment from Stock: 5

Balun1:4 Version 100 WATT

Product no.: Vbalun100
Balun 1:4 100Watt, ReadyBuilt. Connected to asymetric ATU by PL/PL adapter (included)
47.00 *
Shipment from Stock: 1


Product no.: DL2AVH_BalunSMA
17.00 *
Shipment from Stock: 9


Product no.: DL2AVH_BalunBNC
17.00 *
Shipment from Stock: 4

PL-PL connector

Product no.: plst-plst
PL-PL connector, PTFE isolation, gold plated contact
2.20 *
Shipment from Stock: 7
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