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High Performance Radio for beginners and Ocasional User

Product no.: K3S-casual-F

K3S casual user Package

ready assembled K3S with 100 Watt


- 2,7kHz Filter

- KAT3A internernal ATU

- KXV3B Transverter interface

- USB and Serial connection

- Stainless Steel Screws

- MH4 Handmike

- K3S book by Fred Cady

- KHAT (basecap navy blue with elecraft Logo)


save over 200,00 EURO against single orders


inkl. 2 years warranty by QRPproject

all other optinos can be installed later by your wish

3,980.00 *

P3- Elecraft Panoramaadapter ready assembled incl. P3 TX Monitor Directional Coupler

Product no.: P3-P3TXMON-F

The new P3 Panadapter display adds a visual dimension to signal hunting with fast real time spectrum and waterfall displays of band activity. The P3 offers superior sensitivity and DSP processing, giving you the ability to see signals down to the K3's noise floor.


TX  Monitor Power and Waveform Display Adapter for the P3 


at least you need one directional coupler, which have to be ordered seperately.

- coupler for 0.1-200 W 1-54 MHz (DCHF-200)

coupler for 1-2000W 1-54 MHz (DCHF-2000)

coupler for 1-200W 144-450 MHz (DCV/U-200)

1,270.00 *


Product no.: DCHF-2000
0.00 *
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Product no.: DCHF-200
0.00 *
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Product no.: DCV/U-200
0.00 *
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