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Product no.: SWRMicro
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Product no.: SMA-BNC

Adapter cable RG316 with SMA male to BNC female. 15cm long pigtail.

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Product no.: cdm
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Product no.: QRPPA2008
The new PA needs 10mW drive to produce a clean and linear amplified signal of 10 Watts RF Speciefier Frequency rage: 1-30 MHz.

The VMOS we use could give us more the 15 Watt, but we desided to stay with the traditional 10 Watt border for SSB QRP which also gives a more clean output by avoiding any overdriving.

The PA is a Push Pull design. We use the modern Mistubishi

RD06HHF as driver
and a pair of RD16HHF as push pull PA.

Quiescent current is adjusted for any of the 3 single transistors which results in absolute stable working conditions.

The PCB is as small as 55mm x 40mm, so it´s a good chance to fit into any homebrew project like standard transceivers or SDR.

It is mounted on two metall standoffs, the 3 Transistors will be screwed to the backplane of the enclosure.
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Product no.: Vpowerpack
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Product no.: Einsteigerklein

Starter Set as package. Small Signal Generator (equipped with an Xtal of Your choice) calibrated HF/AF probe, Power Noise Generator

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Product no.: vTiefpassQRP
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Product no.: SWRAufbau

assembling service for the kit vSWRK by QRPproject.

all SNT parts and the wireing of the mini torroid.

the kit vSWRK is not included and must ordered in addition!


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Product no.: VPWRRgenSMD
Service: all SMT parts prinstalled by QRPproject
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Product no.: PWRRgen
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Product no.: HerfordZaehler
Small Pic based counter for small rigs. Upper limit is 50 MHz, IF Offset programmable. Display onl 33mm(h) x 52mm (w) Below 10MHz resolution is 100Hz, above 10 MHz resolution 1kHz
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Product no.: Schaltnetzteil 23A
Switched Powersupplyl 23A, 25A Peak special design for Radio applications. Extrem low noiselevel ar RF Frequencies.Best for Elecraft K2/100, K3 and other Transceivers.
Input: bis 240 V~ 50 Hz
Out: 13,3 - 14,5 V DC (can be adjusted)
Cooled by big Aluminiumbloc Internal Low Noise Fan, only activ in high duty situations.

Enclosure: Steel black
181x63x190 1,7 Kg
CE, EN 60960, EN 55022.
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Product no.: KUSB3
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Product no.: AF1

* Filters: Variable Cutoff Low pass filter (SSB/CW) plus two levels of narrow CW bandpass filtering with tunable center frequency.
* Built-in audio amplifier with volume control.
* Dimensions: 5-1/2” L x 2-7/8” W x 7/8” H (14 cm x 7.3 cm x 2.2 cm). Height not including feet or knobs
* Power: 9V battery or external 12 to 14 VDC

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Product no.: BNC-Banane
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Product no.: bncst-bncst
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Product no.: UG-273U
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Product no.: UG-255U
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Product no.: UG-306U
BNC Male-Female Right Angle Adapter
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Product no.: Vpk4erg

PK4 Keyer Add On: Small plastic enclosure with Batterie Compartment (9V Baterie), Potentiometer, 3,5mm Stereo Jacks, Knob. Piezo








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Product no.: Vpk4

PK4 Keyer kit

Jackson Habor Press
PK-4 Keyer Elektronik

  • Speed adjustment via  Potentimeter or Paddle, 25 bis 250BPM
  • Permanente storage in call or text memory (EEprom)
  • All parameters permanent in EEProm
  • 2 memories of 80 Zeichen, chain of te memories plus 80 signs call memory
  • IAMBIC (Curtis) Mode A / Mode B 
  • IAMBIC or Ultimatic Mode 
  • Dot / dash memoy can be deactivated
  • Beacon mode. programmable pause 1-60 seconds. during pause key down or key up possible
  • CQ call 
  • Autospace .
  • weighting
  • Paddle Reverse 
  • training mode 
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Product no.: HerfordZaehlerMini
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Product no.: VUniRit
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Product no.: XG3

XG3 RF Signal Source (assembled) 1.5-200 MHz with calibrated output levels: -107, -73, -33 and 0 dBm. Rich in harmonics to 1400 MHz. Frequencies programmed into memories above 200 MHz fundamental will automatically calculate the fundamental needed to generate the desired harmonic. 12 frequency memories, computer controllable.

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Product no.: W1

140W - Wattmeter and SWR Bridge Brücke incl.  Data-Port. Frequency - Range:h 1,8 - 30 MHz
Power Range (Auto-ranging): 
* 150 mW bis 1.4 W 
* 1.5 W bis 14 W 
* 15W bis 140 W 
* SWR Range: 1:1 - >  5:1 
* 0,5dB Accuracy
* PC Software  (free VB6 Program) 

 13.7 cm x 6.8 cm 
Powersupply:  9V Batterie or external 12 - 14 VDC

198.00 *

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Product no.: AT1

AT1 Attenuator 40 dB

Range: 0 to 41 dB  1 dB Steps
Power Range: 2 W 
Accuracy below 50 MHz: 0,25 0,01 (A) dB, 54 to 220 MHz: 0,50 0,01 (A) dB (A is Attenuation in dB)
13,7 cm x 6,8 cm
No Power Supply

79.00 *

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Product no.: DL1
Elecraft 25W Dummy Load 50 Ohm
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Product no.: VSUBD15
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Product no.: SotaWabbler

SOTA Schurr Wabbler by Stefan Bergsiek

small portable key from Schurr / Bergsiek

gold plated

about 170g

No springs are installed. The paddle reset is made by magnets

The paddles are mounted without play with hardened cylinder pins in brass sliding bearings. Due to this connection, the bearings are absolutely maintenance-free! The advantage of this paddle bearing is that, unlike a ball bearing, no hardening over the years can occur and thus the storage can fail or become difficult. Any adjustment of this paddle bearing is not necessary.

Hard silver contacts as well as fine threads are normal standard.

The key is delivered with a 1.5 m long high-quality cable and 3.5 mm jack plug-in connector.

The key is made of full brass

Can also be installed as a replacement mechanism in an old ETM


preorders are now accepted

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Product no.: SchurrHaube

Spare cover for Schurr Profi 2 and Profi 3

25.00 *

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