PMSDR- SDR RX 0,1-72 MHz Kit Version 2.2

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All SMT parts preassembled, only a low number of standard parts to solder.<br />LCD Display option, controled by USB Interface and Software (WinRad, Power SDR-IQ or SDR-Shell (Linux)<br />PMSDR 2.2 FEATURES

- Continuously tunable within the entire HF-spectrum: standard tuning range: 0,1 - 72 MHz - Extendend tuning range up to 165Mhz with reduced sensivity (by 13dB@144MHz) through the 3th harmonic mode - Sensivity (MDS) @72MHz = -121dBm (0,2uV@50Ohm) (soundcard: EMU0202, (S+N)/N = 3dB and BW=2400Hz SSB) An external preselector is recommended for frequencies below 2MHz and for the 3th harmonic Mode. - IF amplifier output clipping level: 2,45Vp @ -13dBm RF input level - IF (I and Q output signal) bandwidth: 155 kHz @ -6dB - Power supply : 5V / 155mA (+15mA with LCD module) - USB2.0 interface (Full speed), only USB powered (no external supply are required) - high speed divider CYPRESS CY22393 (for the tuning range from 0,1 to 2,5 Mhz) - low jitter clock generator SILICON LABS Si570 LVDS (smooth tuning steps not available above 70 MHz) - interface for optional LCD - interface for optional boards (downconverter, preselector, switchboard ecc.) - 3 Bandpass filter on board + 1 Lowpass filter on board + filter bypass (broadband input) - IF-Chain with rail-to-rail OP-AMPS for 5V - I/Q outputs for PC Sound card - PIC18F4550 Controller with USB-Bootloader - DLL support trough USB interface for Winrad by I2PHD, PowerSDR-IQ and other SDR applications - PCB: dual layer, 100 x 100mm .

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